Christine Verdon


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“Work, passion, creativity, novelty, mixture of arts, connection with the public…”

The violonist Christine Verdon began her musical studies at the “Haute Ecole de Musique” in Geneva, where she obtained in 2009 her Bachelor with the "Prix des anciens élèves du Conservatoire de Genève". She went on to study with Adelina Oprean at the “Hochschule für Musik Basel. In 2011, she obtained a Master in Performance with “Distinction” and later on a Master in Music pedagogy. She plays regularly with the Kammerorchester “I Tempi”, the Barockorchester “Bacchanto” in Basel and the “Orchestre des variations symphoniques” in Suisse romande. She is an active chamber musician, as a member – during six years – of the Boreas Quartett and also of the Hirzen Pavillon Ensemble. Her interest in the baroque violin started already in Geneva where she took lessons with Florence Malgoire, and later in Basel with David Plantier. Her growing interest in this field has led her to continue that path with Sophie Gent at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Ryo Terakado at the royal Conservatory of the Hague. 

How did you come to start playing music?
My sister was playing the violin and her violin teacher wanted me to play also the violin, although my parents wanted me to play the piano.

Why made you start baroque music?
Interest for the baroque and classical repertoire and the sound with gut strings

What is special about historically informed performance?
Getting closer to the spirit of the composer

What does Amsterdam mean to you?
A big cultural centre where many different cultures and traditions mix.

Who or what inspires you when you play?
Difficult to answer… the inspiration is not something magical I think, but a result of a lot of work.

What makes a performance?
Work, passion, creativity, novelty, mixture of arts, connection with the public…

If you were not a musician, what would be your chosen profession?
Astronomer, dancer or baker.

Why are you a musician?/ What can music give us?
I grew up with music and naturally I learn through the music; the meaning of life, if there is one...

What do you do when you are not playing your instrument?
Not playing? When does it happen? Ah yes… when I’m sleeping and dreaming!